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Pupscouts Smooch a Pooch Memphis Troop 8
Pup Scouts Troop 5 Smooch a Pooch Kissing Booth Maddi Troop 5
Pup Scouts Cupcake Troop 2 Smooch a Pooch
Pup Scout Kitty Kissing Booth VAlentines
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PupScout Smooch a Pooch Kiss a Kitty
Pup Scout Molly Troop 201 smooch a pooch
PupScouts Kissing Booth Smooch a Pooch Kiss a Kitty
Pup Scouts Nuts about you Kissing Booth
Pup Scouts Mao Dog Kissing Booth Smooch a Pooch
Pup Scouts Bella Troop 8
Louie Pup Scouts Smooch a Pooch
Pup Scouts Taz Troop 1 Smooch a pooch
Pup Scouts Alex Troop 2 Kissing Booth

​​​​​It must be Puppy Love !  The adorable Pooches  and Kittys of Pup Scouts Share their slobbery licks and Kisses to raise money for the Memberships Gift and Prize Fund. Each smooch is a dollar $ 1.00 donation.  We are beggin for your generosity. This fund is set aside for postage card cost, gifts , prizes and website cost thought out the year. Click on the

button below the kissing booth to purchase your kiss. 

Smooch A Pooch