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A total of 19 Pup contestants participated in the Pup Scouts Royal Pup Pageant
Pup Scouts Royal Pup Fundraiser Pageant Winners have been announced for the Pup Scouts Royal Pup Pageant held in March 2014. The event was a fundraiser GO PURPLE DAY to bring awareness of the need of research and medical aid and care for canine epilepsy. A total of 19 Pup contestants participated in the Pup Scouts Royal Pup Pageant .The contestants who collected the most votes overall during the pageant session. Every dollar donated counts as one vote. will win the King, Queen Or Prince, Princess of Pup Scouts Royal Pup titles, Crowns and Trophy. Four titles were awarded in the Pup Scouts Royal Pup Pageant, where Precious Townsend, 5 , of New Jersey earned the title of Pup Scouts “Queen Royal Pup” Lewis Gregory Krein (Louie), 4, of New York won Pup Scouts “King Royal Pup;” Stella Star Fletcher of Florida and Tekila Lemay of Alabama were named “Princess and Prince of Pup Scouts Royal Pups. Two pup contestants were Honorable Mentioned London Rose and Deejay Krein. A howling woof of a Thank You to all that participated and supported the Pup Scouts Royal Pageant. Please leave a post on the Pup Scouts founders page on facebook to congratulate all of our pup contestants. In the next few week we will have a media release of Pup Scouts Founder Pups awarding the charity host.

Go Purple Pup Scouts Royal Pup Pageant 

Pup Scouts Make your mark. Bring awareness to canine epilepsy.   

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 King and Queen Royal PUP Pageant!