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Puppy Love is in the air at  Pup Scouts. Pups,Dogs, Rabbits and Kitty's Galore are professing their love for a favorite Pup Scouts.  You can send a secret valentines also to   be posted  , Send your Valentine Message  to Pupscouts1@gmail.com

Our Pup Scouts that are pawrticipating in Pup Scouts Secret Valentines Gift Exchange are listed first.  If you are pawrticipating in the gift exchange . You only have to guess who the senders might be on those love notes to win a prize.    (See Members Only website under events.)

Gift Exchange  Pup Scouts  ends here !  Happy Guessing 

​Pup Scouts  Love Notes 

Pup Scouts, 

Beth Sheba and her Mom in the sweetest gestures of friendship and love  are  sending each active Pup Scouts Family member  an Exchange Heart. In her words she wanted each Pup Scout to feel loved!  We Love you Pup Scouts Beth Sheba and Mum!  Thank You So Very Much.  

PupScouts Valentine

Pup Scouts™


Pup Scouts Secret Valentines Exchange.

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