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Are you new to Pup Scouts. The Puzzle Of Love Badge is Pawfect to work on for beginners.  Haven't join Pup Scouts but want to see what everypawdy is barking about.  This is badge is a good way to try Pup Scouts . This is what we do!  Make the world a better place one paw at a time! 

All Pup Scouts are asked to complete this Badge. 


Remember to send a gift card for Bingo Night!  They will be used to purchase winning prizes . Even a $5  Kmart or Walmart Card will purchase one prize. 

Puzzle of Love 

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Pup Scouts Puzzle Of Love 

Back by popular demand  

Featured  Badge  For : Puzzle Of Love 

Mike Valdrighi   receives Chemotherapy at Cancer Treatment  Of America. 

in Philadelphia.  He travels there often with his Family, wife Donna and their Daughter Gia.  

Gia spent most of her summer in Philadelphia meeting other children that have sick family members. There she sees so many children that go beyond the call of duty to be little  caregivers  and cheerleaders for their families. 

While with her Daddy ( Mike )  at the cancer center.  Gia who is a Girl Scout, met a man named Herbert " The  Puzzle Man"  Brown.  He is a cancer survivor who has dedicated his retirement to providing  puzzles and companionship to cancer patients and their families. 

Gia was inspired by " The Puzzle Mans" work at the center.   She is now collecting puzzles.  She is  calling  on her fellow Girl Scouts and Pup Scouts. in helping her collect Puzzles to help   Herbert Brown  in his efforts. 

Herbert also host a Bingo Game For the Families  at the Center on Fridays.  If you would like to donate a gift card  for prizes please include it with your puzzle. 

 Pup Scouts has created a badge to aid in  Gia's collections of Puzzles.  

Requirements  for earning THE PUZZLE OF LOVE BADGE. 

1.  Donate a Puzzle for  the patients at Philadelphia Cancer Centers Of America.  C/O Herbert The Puzzle Man Brown,  1331 East Wyoming  Ave  Philadelphia, PA 19124  

2    Create a Poster or card   Encouraging   Others to Donate  a Puzzle . Remember to send them to work on  The Puzzle of Love Badge    at  www.pupscouts 

3. Take a photo of your Pup Scouts with the Puzzle you are Donating and then email Kay Lorinc  the  card or poster you have created.  ( I will be creating a Slideshow)  and posting your Posters! 

This badge  has been added to our Pup Scouts Handbook

Note.  Mike Valdrighi  is the cousin of Kay Lorinc  Pup Scouts Founder .  If you would like to send messages  of hope and encouragement to  the Valdrighi family.  Private Message her on the contact page of this website for an address.   If you would like to send a card by email