Happy Howl a Days !

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​ A Few Pup Scouts Letters To Santa  From Years Before 2014 - 2015  

Letters To Santa Badge 2016

Merry Christmas! Pup Scouts 

Did you know that Pup Scouts has an official Santa Claus? 

 For those of you just coming on board. He  judged our Spook N Style  Costume Contest in 2014. 

Santa  watches the Pup Scouts  all year and pawparents too to see who's been naughty and who's been nice. If you would like to earn The Letters to  Santa  Pup Scouts Badge. 

1. Have your typist get to work on  woofin your letter to Santa rightaway. Send your Letter to 


2. Send a Photo of you and your Pup Scout and a copy of your letter to PupScouts1@gmail.com  To be published on Pup Scouts Letters to Santa Web Page.  

3.  Invite your Fur Friends and PawParents  to join us in the spirit of the Howl a Days.

4. A Pay/Play it forward.  If you are confused as to what a Pay/play it forward could be. Ask a PUP SCOUT!   

5.  When you are emailed your certificate, Please share it on Social Media and  Hash Tag  #PupScouts  #LetterstoSanta  

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PUP Scouts™  Letters To Santa 


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Dear Santapaws, I was thinking of you like S is for all the sweets A is for all the apples N is for all the nuts T is for all the toffee A is for ALL that stuff I just ate and now my tummy is full. So Santa please bring me toys for Christmas mommy has taken care of the goodies With her Christmas basket she just got in the mail today. Pawlove from Jubilee.

Louie  aka  Pup Scouts King Louie 

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Dear Santa, I've been really good this year. I am a 6 year old Johnson American Bulldog. I have only destroyed one chair and one rug. That's really good for me. This year I would love a new big tennis ball, some tuggies, and a new rope because my little sister destroyed mine. Thanks So Much! Your Pal, Louie


Christmas, Dog,Pets,Pup Scouts, PupScout, Letters To Santa
Dear Santa, I am a 16 year old hound mix. I have been very good this year with everything I have had to put up with. My little brother Louie is a pain as always and then my mom went and got me a little sister who likes to pull on my ears and tackle me. This year I would love to have a new stuffed toy to play with, a new blankie to curl up in and a new red bandana with snowflakes on it to match my new collar. I don't want much. I'm an old man who just likes to be comfortable and be left alone. Thank You so much Santa. Your Pal, Deejay #pupscouts #santa #christmas www.pupscoutsusa.com

Bella Noche  aka Tricks 

Christmas, Dog Friendly, Pup Scouts, Santa Claus, Letters 2016
Dear Santa, My name is Bella Noche, also known as Tricks to some of my friends. I am a 1 year old pit bull border collie mix. My brother Louie told me that I should write to you about what I want for Christmas. The thing is, I don't need anything. I have everything that I could possibly ever want. You see, I grew up in an abandoned building with my twin brother Gunther. A man would come feed us once a week and supplied us with a kerosene heater to keep us warm. At 5 months old we were rescued and I was given to a foster family. Six months ago my dream came true. I was adopted by my foster parents. I was given a home, love, a family. They give me other things too such as 6 dog beds through out the house, clothes, toys, homemade dog food, and treats. But the love is what means the most to me. I love curling up in mommy or daddies laps or playing with my feline and canine brothers. So, I'm not exactly sure how to ask you for more when I already have everything I need. I will list some things down that I like since my brother is hovering over my shoulder saying that I'm doing this wrong BOL. I love to play with stuffed toys that honk, to herd big balls around the house (Jolly balls), chew on buffalo horns, play with tuggies with my mommy, throw rope toys around the room, wear sweaters outside when I'm cold (light blue is my favorite), and curl up in a soft fleece blanket. I look forward to your visit this year. Your pal, Bella Noche www.pupscoutsusa.com #pupscouts #Santa #Christmas

Other Fun Patches and the Holiday Badge to work on this festive season.

Molly Treadwell 

Dogs, Pets, Christmas, Pup Scouts, Santa 2016,2015,2014
Dear Santa paws my name is Molly Treadwell. i know my mom wrote to you and told you 10 reasons i should be put on the naughty list so here is my side to that 10, i bark at other dog because i got attacked last year and i bark at people to let them know they don't belong in my yard so back up. i do not well with other why should i i am an only pup in the house and our cat know not to touch my toys and treats. i do not clean up my toys why should i? i get mom to do the work for me instead and if she is the sucker that is not my fault. why should i wipe my feet when ever i do that after going potty she tells me not to do that because i push the grass and bark mulch all around. wrestling with the cat what does she was the started it from the first second i was brought home i am just defending my self and i want to grow up and be a big dog so i can go and kick the butt of the dog that hurt me last year. some one told mom about my plan to get up early on Christmas morning to take all the good present for my self, you have left for us all and and change the name tags on the great presents and put every one else on the crappy gifts, that darn cat just love to get me into trouble. and last for those cookies of your i eat what did mom want they smelt good and i was hungry, and yes i was going to leave you healthy food, well come on all those cookies and milk you know to eat some thing else you need a well balance diet some one has to do it, so i took the job to give the tofu and your reindeer rice cakes. so what is wrong with all that so please put me back on the good list and bring me some presents again.

Beth Sheba 

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Bella Meigui Diaz - Veliz 

M & M

Dear Santa, How are you? Is it cold at The North Pole? Maybe you remember me. I visited you last year, and the year before, too! I became a Pup Scout this year. It is so much fun. Mommy and I get to spend lots of time together doing cool things. And Santa, we get to help people! Mommy and I really like helping people. It makes my heart smile! Well, I guess you want to know what I'd like for Christmas. I've been thinking about that really hard, Santa. And you know what? I want you and all of the other humans and their fur kids to do something nice for someone else. No need to spend money, just be kind and loving one to another. I'd also like the homeless pups to get their fur ever homes with mommies that love them as much as my mommy loves me. But not at Christmas...maybe a few weeks later when there will be plenty of time to snuggle and play without all of the commotion of the holiday. What do you think, Santa Claus? Well, I know you are a very busy man, and mommy says a Jolly Ole Elf! I will remember you and Mrs. Claus in my prayers. Thank you for bringing joy to the children and the fluffs of the world. Love, Beth Sheba Xoxo #pupscouts #believe #letterstosanta #christmas #Santa
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Pup Scout, Christmas, Santa Claus, Letters to Santa
Dear Santa, As I lay here in my nice warm house I reflect on the idea that I am very glad I am not a reindeer, you would not deliver any presents to anyone if you depended on me. Now, let's talk about ME, yes, it is M&M, and I have been fairly good ( at least I don't lie), but I still think (my opinion) that I should get lots and lots of stuff. I have 2 brothers that I will share some of it with, but most will stay with me, I am greedy! Well Santa I know you have other (not so important letters) to read so I will end this with bring it ALL to me. Thank you, your Florida friend, I am watching you. M&M Medina #pupscouts #LETTERSTOSANTA #SANTA #BELIEVE
Dear Santa, I primise this year I won't eat your cookies like last year, and mommy will put some yummy cupcakes and almond milk for you. I have been a super duper good girl all year long, and mommy says you will be super duper happy to hear that. I love pretty dresses favorite colors Pink, Red, Lavander. But any dress you think might look pretty on me is welcome. I also love bows to match my dresses, accessories such as: collars, leashes, harnesses, anything that can make me look prettier. Of course treats are welcome all the time. Grain free, organic, made only in USA, (No pork nor chicken) Beef or Lamb are ok or simple Vegan are perfect! Or just gift cards and I can take my mommy shopping my faves. Oh please Santa don't forget all my fury friends that are in rescues, shelter, or just on the streets alone. Can you please bring them a loving caring home to all with a loving wonderful mommy like mine? Of course my mommy is just mine! Love, Bella Meigui Diaz-Veliz Pup Scouts Troop 1 #pupscouts #SANTA #CHRISTMAS #LETTERSTOSANTA #BELIEVE
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