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 We Woofin want YOU! The PupScouts want your pet  to become a pack member. If you were ever a scout , you know how much fun it can be. Growing up, I was a Brownie and my brothers a Cub Scout. I have fond memories of  selling cookies and making  crafts.  Now you are  allowed to bring Your  Pet.  Your Pet can become a Pup Scout and earn  many very special  Pup Scouts  badges and Patches  
All Pets  of all shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome to earn a variety of badges. Patches and Rank.  


Register and purchase your Pup Scouts Membership here. Then go to our Pup Scouts Puzzle of Love Badge the link is on the tab bar, Start working on your First Badge, If there is a in the fur troop in your area you can sign up there, or join us on line in Troop 2.  Contact Pup Scouts so we can get you set up. 


Pets Uplifting People 


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