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 Elvis Presley rocks!

And so do these Elvis dog toys, leashes , collars, T-shirts, and you name it commemorating The King of Rock 'n' Roll. Don't be cruel. Give the gift of Elvis to your favorite Pup.  We are honored to announce that Elvis is in the dog house at Pup Scouts Shop. Click on the photo below  or visit  www.shop.pupscoutsusa.com

Fun Facts 

Have you ever heard It's a Dogs Life by Elvis.  We hope you  Enjoy the youtube video.

We are all familiar with the song You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog  by  - Elvis Presley

*Hound Dog" has been recorded more than 250 times. The best-known version of "Hound Dog" is the July 1956 recording by Elvis Presley, which is ranked No. 19 onRolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time; it is also one of the best-selling singles of all time.


*Presley had a pet turkey. His name was Bowtie.

 If Elvis was here with us today. I haven't any doubts that he would be a Pup Scouts member, Elvis used to say that Dog is God spelled backwards!  Interesting enough, there aren’t many references to Elvis’ love for animals in the literature. By the end of 1960, Elvis' pet collection at Graceland included a monkey, spider monkeys, peacocks, chickens, pigs, poodles, and a Great Pyrenees dog called "Muffin." 
Elvis always loved animals, but he could never have one when he was younger The Presley Family couldn't afford to have pets so he made up for that when he became a star. 

Elvis had several pet dogs over the years. As a boy, he looked after two small dogs that he named "Woodlawn" and "Muffy Dee." When he was serving in the army and was stationed out in Germany, he kept a poodle named "Champagne."
Elvis  liked giving dogs as gifts to the women in his life he loved. He gave his beloved mother, Gladys, a dog called "Sweet Pea;" he gave a toy poodle named "Little Bit" to his early girlfriend, Anita Wood; he gave a poodle named "Honey" to his wife Priscilla; and he gave "Foxhugh," a Maltese, to one of his last girlfriends, Linda Thompson. Linda in an interview about Elvis and his love for dog  says," We literally bought out a pet shop one night. Elvis paid for about 20 dogs, just gave them out to his friends. And we kept this chow, little Getlow" "Get Low"  outlived his master by a year.

Elvis wasn't so fond of cats, although  many  a stray turned up on the Graceland grounds  found a new home. He did reputedly have a pet cat called "Wendell," named after his co-star in his movie Loving You, Wendell Corey. Elvis also had a pet turkey. His name was Bowtie. Another interesting tid bit I came across , Elvis's dog Brutus, playing the character of Albert in the movie Live a Little, Love   a Little.  It's my understanding that a few of his Fur Kids costarred with  The King. 

​Below are a few photo of the late Elvis Presley with a few of his best friends. 

Elvis, Its a Dogs Life 

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  Behind lock and key,  is the closet off the kitchen leading to the basement stairs. If you open up the door, hanging on a peg board are various collars, harnesses and leashes for pets of days gone by at Graceland. This just goes to show that even  Elvis The King have to walk the dog