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1. sign up On Pup Scouts Members Only Page . 2. Post Your Before Photo with a news paper from that day, on your website on the members only page you can share with facebook from your website. ( you will be taking a photo once a week for 26 week health challenge. You will only need a newspaper for the before and final photo.) BESURE TO HAVE YOUR PUPS IN THE PICTURE! #fitdogs They are our #1 Fan! And we are taking the challenge for the love of our Pups! 3. You will be assigned a challenge partner. Our Pup Scouts Only Site will have the challenge broken dowm and a weekly tracking sheet, Also some neat tec sights to help us lick this challenge!!! I will be making a youtube video of our 26 week challenge

Pup Scouts Accept the  Performance Triad 26 week Health challenge  Making it our own Bark and Burn and Every Friday  we will #fitdogs with our weekly check in Photos on social media.  Join Pup Scouts today! Make Friends with pawparents from all over the world