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Closing Meeting Song:

     We sing a song to the tune of "Taps" as the Official Closing for our Pup Scouts Meetings


Dog is Done.

Play is Over.

Dream of

Chase those Squirrels!

O'er lakes, o'er hills, o'er sky!

All is Well,

Safely Rest,

Dog is Nigh.


     On the honor of my paw, I will do my best to do my duty to help the dog community and my country, to help make humans smile, to help other pups and their people at all times, to keep myself in tip-top pup condition - furry, aware and ready at a moments notice, to be there to guard and protect, especially those at home.


     All Pups are Number 1!

​    Make Your Mark! 


     "Making the World a Better Place One Paw at a Time"

Welcome to Pup Scouts Official  Website 

All Fur One & One Fur All

Pup Scouts  is a Florida based national organization with troops in many states.  It was created in 2010

by  Kay Lorinc   You can purchase your official Pup Scouts Membership . On the Pup Scouts Memberships and Registration page   

Pup Scouts greet each day with humor,amusement and energy.  We enjoy acting silly and childlike  with our Pup Scouts wearing their Uniforms . Pawrents join in the fun with the Pawrent Pride Sash. Our Pup Scouts and Pawrents have a fantastic time growing old together by adding comedy and friendship to their life experiences, Dressing our Pup Scouts up for Tea Parties, Birthday Celebrations, ​Holiday Events, Halloween, Mari Gras, Cruises, Fashion Shows,  Beer and Bones, Mutts and Martinis, and Parades are just a few events you'll find Pup Scouts attending. Pup Scouts host many walks and events to help others human and pups.

What's A Pup Scouts  

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